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2007 Board Election

Petitions: David McAuley

Organization Member Election

I believe that I would well serve the ISOC organisation as a Trustee for the following reasons: my in-depth experience with ISOC; my personal and professional international background; my international experience in IT commerce; and, my experience in corporate governance.

ISOC Experience: I am a sustaining member of ISOC and served on staff as Membership Director from April of 2004 until December of 2006. In that capacity I managed Membership, IT and a staff of four. I developed and chaired the Project Funding program for Chapters and Members that began in 2005 and continues today. I had a lead role in conceptualizing and implementing the Regional Bureau program. I have become familiar with the ISOC budget and programs. I submitted a suggestion for the new strategic initiatives that are under consider by the Board at present. I served as liaison to the Organisational Members' Advisory Council and attended and participated as an ISOC representative at all IETF meetings from IETF 60 in San Diego to IETF 68 in San Diego. I managed the day to day relations of ISOC with its chapters. I am well aware of the impact of the PIR financial performance on ISOC and the consequent requirement for sound corporate governance. Importantly, I am very well attuned to the potential that exists for ISOC's organisational members and its chapters to contribute real benefit to each other. I feel there is a potential here than should be explored that can range from personnel acquisition (see ISOC's new IETF Fellows program and the work being done under ISOC funded projects) to market expansion to developing country advancement as an outgrowth of ISOC programs.

My background: A citizen of the US, I have lived during my study and work years in Europe (one year in Italy) and in Asia (five years in The Philippines). In IT commerce I worked for European companies for over ten years and spent roughly half of my time during those years in Europe, Asia, South America or South Africa. In addition, my wife is from The Philippines and we visit family there often. I wrote an op-ed column in the leading Manila Business newspaper in the early 2000's and am well acquainted with the challenges, especially Internet access and cost challenges, in developing countries.

Corporate/Organisational Governance: I began my career as an international attorney and then went into software development general management. I spent twenty years in technology company governance and have also worked in the non-profit sector for four years. I can provide the counsel of experience and topical knowledge to ISOC.

ISOC is an organization which I have come to admire greatly. It has an important mission and I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to that.