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Board of Trustees

2007 Board Election

Election Results

Letter from the ISOC Elections Committee

On behalf of the entire Elections Committee, we extend our appreciation and thanks to all of the candidates who stood for election for the ISOC Board of Trustees. ISOC is honored to have such well-qualified candidates. In addition, the level of interest in this year's elections from ISOC members is a positive sign as to the importance and visibility of ISOC's work.

For the election of Trustees by Chapters, we had four candidates and a total of 56 out of 76 (73%) possible ballots. The percentage of chapters participating was much greater than last year. Four of the ballots arrived after the formal deadline. Erring on the side of inclusiveness, the Elections Committee choose to accept these ballots. In the final analysis, the result of the election would have been the same whether or not they were included.

One position is to be filled for a three year term. In addition, one additional position opened up this year due to an early vacancy. ISOC's election procedures require that this vacancy be filled by the individual receiving the second highest number of votes in the Chapter elections. This individual will serve a one year term (the remainder of the current term). After a complete count, the results are:

Patrick Vande Walle, 22 votes
Dr. Alejandro Pisanty, 20 votes

As such, Patrick Vande Walle is elected to a new three year term and Dr. Alejandro Pisanty is elected to fill the vacancy for the coming year.

For the election of Trustees by Organization Members, we had four candidates and total of 52 of 78 (67%) possible ballots. The percentage of organizational members participating was much greater than last year. In this election, the procedures called for the election of two candidates, each to a three year term. We had two ballots abstaining, and a total of 8 ballots that voted for a single candidate, in effect abstaining in the second vote. In the Organizational Member election, ballots are weighted according to the level of membership. After a complete count, factoring in membership-level weighting, the results are:

Desiree Miloshevic, 30 votes
Dr. Hiroshi Esaki, 23 votes

As such, Desiree Miloshevic and Dr. Hiroshi Esaki are elected for three year terms.

In a separate process, Olaf Kolkman, the chair of the IAB, reports that the IETF has selected Ted Hardie to serve for a three year term.

Per, there is a challenge period in which issues may be raised concerning the election. The challenge period closes at 23:59 (UTC) on 30 May and the new Trustees will be seated at the ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting in Puerto Rico on 30 June.

The Election Committee again thanks the candidates, the voters and the ISOC staff for making this a very successful election. The voter turnout in this case was much higher than in recent years and the election was conducted with the highest of standards.

We wish ISOC well.

Fred Baker, chair
Carsten Schiefner
Sébastien Bachollet