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2008 Board Election

Candidate: Daniel Karrenberg

Daniel Karrenberg

Born 1959 in Duesseldorf Germany. Currently resides in the south of the Netherlands within walking distance of the German border and cycling distance of the Belgian border. Helped build European Internet in the 1980s. Co-founder of RIPE. Built first regional registry (RIR), RIPE NCC, in the 1990s. Currently chief-scientist at RIPE NCC.

Relevant qualifications: Regular IETF participant since 1992; co-author of several RFCs; past WG chair; currently less active in IETF. Co-founder of German Unix User Group; board member of European Unix User Group responsible for EUnet. As CEO built RIPE NCC from scratch (1992) to a not-for-profit association with a volunteer BoD elected by 1700 members from 81 countries, a staff of 59 people with 20 nationalities, an operating budget of 4 MEUR/a and reserves of 2.7 MEUR (1999). Technical contributions include the design and first implementation of the RIPE database; most recently design and implementation of the "dnsmon" monitoring system and co-design and testing of NSD, a high performance authoritative DNS server.

ISOC involvement: Pioneer member; taught tutorials at early INET conferences; supported networkshops with people and facilities. Recently wrote ISOC member briefings about Internet operations and coordination, targeted at non-experts in the context of WSIS. Trustee since 2005, board chairperson since 2006.

Vision for ISOC as stated in 2005: Support ISOC role in Internet standards development (IETF) and education with an emphasis on making the Internet work well for as many people as possible. Continue to work towards making ISOC a truly global organisation. Help to create and maintain a 3-5 year vision of where ISOC is going, including measurable targets for both board and staff; this includes a solid financial plan.

Achievements since 2005: Helped the board lead the society. All achievements are credit to board and staff: Further consolidated the improved financial position of the society with long term sources of funding. Improved financal reporting and management as required by growth. Built a strong and truly international staff. Improved support for the IETF. Recently started new activities such as improved support for chapters.

Vision 2008-2011: Building on our standing, the strong international staff and the synergy between different parts of the society, develop major strategic intiatives that further the goals of ISOC. Improve the synergy and mutual support of all parts of the society.