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2008 Board Election

Candidate: Dr.Ganesh Natarajan, Global CEO, Zensar Technologies

Dr Ganesh Natarajan is one of the most successful professionals in the Indian Information Technology Industry. Instrumental in successfully driving the Industry's Innovation Forum, Dr Natarajan collaborates extensively with local and international organizations to build networks enabling Innovation. Committed to helping developing countries capitalize on the vast opportunities offered by information and technology, Dr Natarajan believes that with the right attention from the public and private sectors, technology can bring dramatic improvements in the social, economic and environmental conditions of developing countries. A keen interest in creating knowledge networks that are pervasive and low cost, Dr Natarajan uses Innovation and open and adaptive approaches to foster new industries and business models.

Dr Ganesh Natarajan believes that through Innovation and open and adaptive approaches; one can deliver higher value and more radical solutions to the marketplace.

Industry Associations

As the Chairman designate of NASSCOM for 2008-9, Dr Natarajan will drive Innovation across industry, creating linkages between cluster constituents and the entire supply chain. As a part of this mandate, he has already built capable levers of competitiveness propelling sustained growth for firms in the country. Creation of "Innovation Clusters" as a means of driving regional development - of building public and private sector partnership through Government and Regional investments in Innovation incubators will be one of the focus areas. Dr Natarajan also chairs the Outsourcing Forum of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in Western India and has been the chairman of the NASSCOM Innovation Forum for 2005-07 spearheading several Innovation initiatives globally.

Innovation Evangelist

Global CEO of one of India's fastest growing IT & BPO services provider Zensar Technologies Ltd, Dr Ganesh Natarajan aims to drive creation of new market spaces along with growing market share by exceeding industry benchmarks in growth and profitability through a high performance organization that nurtures future industry leaders leading Zensar to a goal of being a Rs 1000 crore company by 2009-10. Disruptive Innovation has been Dr Natarajan's leadership style as was evident from his past success with Aptech as well as in his current stint at Zensar. Challenging the obvious and accepted has been a trait for Dr Natarajan, which gives him change in leaps and bounds. Dr Natarajan was instrumental in turning around the company and taking it from a struggling Tier II Pune based company to a healthy and vibrant leader in the Indian IT's Tier II market place, having established a niche position in technology and process innovation.


A passionate crusader for creating entrepreneurial networks, Dr Natarajan has conducted several sessions internationally on "Entrepreneurial Dividend, creating the policy and business development nexus" at University of Essex, London Business School and ICSB World Conference in Finland among others. Dr Ganesh Natarajan was named 'CEO of the Year' by the Asia Pacific HR Conference in 1999 and received the Wisitex Foundation's "CEO of the Decade - Knowledge Award" from India's Minister for Information Technology in 2000. In July 2005, he received the Asia HRD Congress Award for Contributions to the Organization through HR. Dr Ganesh Natarajan was also the finalist at the Ernst & Young 2005 Award where he was recognized for exceptional entrepreneurship. Earlier in his career, during his ten year stint as CEO of Aptech he grew the company's revenues fifty times and listed it on the Indian and London Stock Exchanges.

Social Responsibility

As a corporate citizen, Dr Natarajan's contribution to the community is as strong as his professional legacy. Closely associated with spreading education and health awareness among the less privileged communities - Dr Natarajan feels strongly about HIV/AIDS awareness and looks at it as one of the most important health issues in the country. Dr Natarajan works through the Zensar Foundation in making a positive contribution to the less privileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic, educational and health initiatives.


He is the author of three McGraw Hill Books - Business Process Reengineering, Knowledge Management: Enabling Business Growth, Implementing BPR : An Agenda for the CEO - on Business Process Reengineering and Knowledge Management and has also authored a book titled "Winds of Change". He is a regular columnist for India's premier Business and IT magazines Dataquest and one of India's largest mainline Hindustan Times.

Academic Profile

A Gold Medalist in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, Dr Ganesh Natarajan has completed his PhD in Knowledge Management at IIT Bombay; Dr Natarajan is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and the Harvard Business School.

List of Publications
  1. Knowledge Management: The Building Blocks for Organisational Learning [Ganesh Natarajan and Sandhya Shekhar]
  2. Knowledge Management: Enabling Business Growth [Sandhya Shekhar and Ganesh Natarajan]
  3. Winds of Change: Indian IT - An Insider's Story
  4. Inspired: How to Create a Formula for Success - In Life and Work [Manjiri Gokhale and Ganesh Natarajan]
  5. Unleashing the Knowledge Force: Harnessing Knowledge for Building Global Companies [Ganesh Natarajan and Uma Ganesh]
  6. Business Process Reengineering [M S Jayaraman, Ganesh Natarajan and A V Rangaramanujan]
  7. Implementing BPR: An Agenda for the CEO [M S Jayaraman and Ganesh Natarajan]