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Board of Trustees

2008 Board Election

Election Results

Letter from the ISOC Elections Committee

On behalf of the Elections Committee, we extend our appreciation and thanks to all of the candidates who stood for election for the Board of Trustees. ISOC is honored to have such well-qualified candidates. Moreover, the level of interest in this year's elections from the candidates and ISOC's members is a positive sign as to the importance and visibility of ISOC's work.

There were two candidates in the election of Trustees by Chapters:

  • Calvin Brown and
  • Alejandro Pisanty.

47 out of the 82 chapters voted, which is 57%. One ballot arrived after the nominal close of balloting due to technical difficulties, and lacked the anonymizing identifier that it was supposed to carry. However, the committee was able to verify that the sender of the ballot was in fact the appropriate person from a credentialed chapter. The Election Committee decided to err on the side of inclusiveness, and accepted the ballot. In the final analysis, the ballot was not crucial to the election.

Alejandro Pisanty, who received the majority of the votes, has been elected for a three year term.

There were four candidates in the election of Trustees by Organizational Members:

  • Raul Echeberria
  • Laina Raveendran Greene
  • Daniel Karrenberg, and
  • Ganesh Natarajan.

45 of the 78 Organizational Members, or 58%, voted. They had the opportunity to cast two ballots each, but six cast only one. Each organization's class of membership weighted the ballot they cast. One ballot had a typographic error in the anonymizing identifier. It was similar enough to the correct identifier for the organizational member that its sender represents, though, that the election committee was able to verify that it was a legitimate ballot. The Election Committee decided to err on the side of inclusiveness in this matter as well. In the final analysis, the ballot was not crucial to the election.

Daniel Karrenberg and Raul Echeberria, receiving the largest weighted ballot counts, have been elected for three year terms.

Using the process documented in RFC 3677, the IAB has selected Bert Wijnen as the IETF appointee to the ISOC board.

As per the election timetable, there is a challenge period in which issues may be raised concerning the election. This closes 28 May at midnight UTC, and the resulting board is seated in the ISOC Board Meeting in Paris on 28 June.

The Election Committee wishes to thank all of the candidates, the chapters and organizations that voted, and the staff which supported the election. The turnout in this election has been higher than in recent years, and the election itself conducted with the highest of standards.

We wish ISOC well.

Fred Baker, chair
Margaret Wasserman
Sébastien Bachollet