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2009 Board Election

Candidate: Guanghao Li

Guanghao Li is currently the deputy director of International Business Development at China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). Prior to this particular position, he was the deputy director of General Administrative Office and head of the international affairs at CNNIC. And he has been known as the "International Face of CNNIC".

Guanghao Li has intercept with the ICT and Internet since 1995, and basically lives and grows with the technology. While his work in CNNIC involves Internet policy research and development, macro status monitoring, and international communication extensively, he has become an expert on China's Internet development.

Guanghao Li has his special interests in internationalizing the Internet in the light of bridging the digital divide set by language and culture. Thus, he has been very active in the international forum like ICANN, IGF, APTLD and etc. In these forums, Guanghao Li has often served as panel speaker.

He has been on the board of DotAsia, a NPO organization run as the registry of Top Level Domain .asia, since its inception and be re-elected in 2008. Also, he has been involved with ISOC since 2006. Since then, he assisted to bring ISOC the first organization member from China, and was appointed by the organization to seat on the AC panel of ISOC.

Aside from his international presence, he also has rich knowledge in China's domestic Internet community. He has been taken the roles of:

  • Jury member of the first China WebBlog Contest sponsored by People's Daily of China;
  • Member of expert panel for ICP Recording System Phase II of Ministry of Information Industry of China;
  • Director of ISC's Blog Study WG secretariat and drafter of ISC Webblog Services Code.

Guang Hao Li holds a master's degree in e-commerce from Utah State University in USA.