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2010 Board Election

Candidate: Richard Woundy

SVP Software & Applications, Office of the CTO
Comcast Cable

Richard Woundy is SVP Software & Applications in the Comcast Cable Office of the CTO. In this position, he is responsible for guiding the architecture for Internet applications and software standards, and is pursuing related engineering work in congestion management and IPv6 adoption and deployment. Richard previously was the lead architect for back office architecture, and an architect in numerous data/voice/video and wireless initiatives. Richard arrived at Comcast via the acquisition of AT&T Broadband.

Previously, Richard was a senior architect for Cisco Systems, where he developed system architectures and guided product development on behalf of several broadband access technologies. Richard joined Cisco via its acquisition of American Internet Corporation, where as its Chief Architect he focused on DOCSIS provisioning architecture and new product development - particularly subscriber self-provisioning systems. Richard has also served as Director of Network Technology and Standards at Continental Cablevision/MediaOne, where he helped to guide the standardization of DOCSIS 1.0 at CableLabs, and as a key engineer and manager at IBM, where he developed networking software for Internet backbone routers, particularly for the NSFnet T3 backbone.

Richard earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from Yale College, and his master's degree in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Richard was co-chair of the IETF IPCDN (IP over Cable Data Networks) working group, is co-chair of the DECADE (Decoupled Application Data Enroute) BoF, and is the author of a number of RFCs. He previously led the DOCSIS QoS technical committee that led to the standardization of DOCSIS 1.1.