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2010 Board Election

Report of the Elections Committee

14 April 2010 - Today, the Election Committee confirmed the ballots handled by the electronic voting system.

In the Chapter election, we had three candidates:

  • Narelle Clark, Australia
  • Eduardo Diaz, Puerto Rico
  • Andy Linton, New Zealand

54 out of the 84 chapters voted, which is 64.3%.

Narelle Clark, who received the highest number of the votes, has been elected for a three year term.

In the Organizational Member election, we had seven candidates:

  • Brad Biddle, United States
  • Hiroshi Esaki, Japan
  • Eva Frölich, Sweden
  • Lawrence Lessig, United States
  • Michael Nelson, United States
  • Leonard St-Aubin, Canada
  • Richard Woundy, United States

58 of the 101 Organizational Members, or 57.4%, voted. They had the opportunity to cast two ballots each. The ballot cast was weighted by the class of membership.

Eva Frölich and Lawrence Lessig, receiving the largest weighted ballot counts, have been elected for three year terms.

Per this timetable, there is a challenge period in which issues may be raised concerning the election. This closes 4 May at midnight UTC, and the resulting board is seated in the ISOC Board Meeting in Brussels on 19 June.

The Election Committee wishes to thank all of the candidates, the people and organizations that voted, and the staff which supported the election.

The turnout in this case has been lower in the chapter election than in recent years, although it was stable for the organizational membership.

The election itself was conducted with the highest of standards and the elections committee is satisfied with the electronic voting system that was used this year.

We wish ISOC well.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick Vande Walle, chair
Fred Baker
Jonne Soininen