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Alain Aina

Network engineer, M. Aina is very active in technical networking activities in AFRICA. He worked to launch the first full IP services in Togolese Republic in 1996 and helped many entities to do so in west Africa and on the continent in general.

He founded in 1999 a private company ( which provides network and training services to boost Networking and Internet services deployment on the continent.

AFNOG founder and instructor since 2000, he leads many Internet related projects and activities for the good of the local community.

Since November 2006, he works as “special project manager” at AfriNIC, a half time activity, which includes various projects(DNSSEC,RPKI, root server Anycast....), training, and IETF activities for the RIR. He served from june 2008 to december 2008 as acting CTO. Since 1st April 2011, he serves as AfriNIC Acting CEO.

He also works for NSRC on various projects, supporting networking activities as part time work.

As ICT expert for Francophonie, he does some training and consultations mainly for the french speaking environment.

He is member of ICANN Security and stability advisory committee since 2002.