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2010 Board Election


Additional nominations for election to the Board of Trustees may be made by petition OF THE CANDIDATE, and filed with the Chair of the Nominations Committee at

Separate petition mailboxes will be created for each valid petition request that is received.

The petition request should include:

  1. A statement whether the candidate wants to run for the Organisational Members Election or the Chapters Election, including a statement that the candidate will be able to devote an appropriate level of time to serve on the ISOC Board of Trustees.
  2. A short statement of what the petition candidate believes he or she would contribute as a Trustee of the Internet Society. All petition candidates will be listed in periodic announcements to participating Chapters and Organisational Members via electronic mail and will be posted on the ISOC web site.

Signatures in support of a petition shall be filed electronically and must be received by 23:59 UTC on the night of April 11, 2011. For the purposes of this policy, a "signature" shall be an email expressing support for the candidate's petition sent by the Election Representative of a Chapter or Organisational Member that is eligible to participate in this election, and is subject to ISOC verification. The message should include the Organisational Member's or Chapter's name and the name of the candidate whose petition is supported.

Each signature must come directly from the Election Representative via email to an address designated by the ISOC staff. The Election Representative must send a separately e-mailed signature for each candidate he or she wishes to support to the candidate's individual petition mailbox as designated by ISOC. Each petitioner shall be provided with copies of all signature e-mails for his or her candidacy and periodic reports about his or her status in obtaining signatures. Announcements regarding successful petitions shall be made as soon as practical, and need not await the end of the petition period.

Participating Organisational Members or Chapters can sign petitions for candidates running within their own constituency only. A Participating Organisational Member or Chapter may sign more than one petition.

For a petition to be successful a candidate in the Organisational Members constituency needs the support of eight (8) valid signatures and a candidate in the Chapters constituency needs six (6) valid signatures.

Successful petitioners will be placed on the ballot. The final candidate announcement will be made no later than April 18, 2011.