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ISOC addresses ITU meeting on public policies for next generation and new values

11 September 2008 - Rajnesh Singh, ISOC's Regional Bureau Manager for South and Southeast Asia, recently addressed the ITU Telecom Asia meeting, held in Bangkok, Thailand from 2-5 September 2008.

Rajnesh represented ISOC on the panel "What Public Policy for next Generation/New Values?". Panelists were presented with the following propositions and question:

Given that the global ICT industry continues to see enormous opportunity in the Asia-Pacific region, Asia is not only defining future growth opportunities but is also setting the standards for what next-generation services will become global. At the same time however, many rural communities are struggling to get online and access to telecommunication services is far from even, let alone equal. Governments and industry are working together to turn these gaps in infrastructure into fresh opportunities for business. How do we ensure that the right public policies are determined and appropriate regulatory measures are introduced to meet the goals, aspirations and objectives of society in the region and globally?

The full text of Rajnesh's comments is available here.