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Internet Society International Special Interest Groups (iSIGs)


International Special Interest Groups within the Internet Society

Bylaws of the <name> International Special Interest Group

Article I. - Name

1. This organization shall be called the <name>.

Article II. - Purpose

Each ISIG shall have an explicit statement of purpose and field of interest.These shall not be inconsistent with the purpose set forth in the Internet Society Articles of Incorporation.

1. [Special Interest Groups of the Internet Society serve the Society's purposes by serving the interests of a particular segment of the global Internet.]

2. This ISIG will serve persons who work or are involved in the <field of interest>.

3. This ISIG is chartered by the Internet Society. These bylaws neither supersede nor abrogate any of the Bylaws of the Internet Society.

Article III. - Membership

1.All members of an ISIG shall also be members of the Internet Society. Each ISIG will have a minimum of 10 members.

2. All individuals and organizations falling within the defined scope of the ISIG shall be eligible for membership.

3. Membership in the ISIG shall be open to all ISOC members in the field served as determined by the Executive Committee of the ISIG.

Article IV. - Officers

1. The officers of this ISIG shall be: Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.

2. The officers shall be appointed by the ISIG organizers, with the approval of the President of the Internet Society.

Article V. - Duties of Officers

1. The chair is the principal officer and is responsible for leading the ISIG and managing its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Internet Society and these bylaws.

2. The Vice Chair shall assume leadership duties in the absence of the Chair.

3. The Secretary shall be responsible for a periodic summary of topics discussed on the ISIG. These reports should be no less frequent than quarterly.

Article VI. - Dissolution of the ISIG

1. Dissolution of this ISIG will be done at the discretion of the President of the Internet Society, after consultation with the officers of the ISIG.