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ISOC Association Management System

Project Overview

ISOC's current chapter and member management systems have been replaced by a CRM-type system called Aptify. Aptify is the single data source, replacing four separate data systems.

Aptify provides for the needs of the following ISOC stakeholders:

  • The Internet Society, ISOC Chapters, and ISOC Members
  • ISOC Organisational Members
  • Events and Meetings
  • ISOC Finance
  • Grants and Fellowships (2010)

The AMS project consists of three phases:

Phase One: (Completed) Deployment of the core Aptify Association Management System and database. This isthe “back end” of the AMS, and will be used almost exclusively by InternetSociety staff. This system consists of a thick client accessing a SQL Server 2008 database, and will completely replace Q (the current Go Members membership system). The initial launch will encompass Membership (Individual and Organisational) and Events/Meetings.

Phase Two: (Completed) Rollout of a chapter/member facing web portal for this same system. Among other functions, this portal will allow chapters to securely manage their own membership data on the web. Phase Two will take over from the current Q portal, and will offer strong Members self-signup and self-management capabilities. It will also allow chapter officers to run reports, and create/schedule meetings for their respective chapters.

Phase Three: Designing and launching of an open-source version of the Phase Two portal. This new open-source portal will be built on the selected Content Management System(CMS) platform, which will become the core of the Engagement Model. Engagement will allow collaboration between Chapters, and provide expansion abilities to include enhanced website functionality – such as chat, forums, and social-networking features. In addition,the open-source nature of the platform means that aspects of the portal will also be available for further development by the Chapters.