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About OnTheInternet

e-OnTheInternet (or e-OTI) is the international electronic magazine and information resource of the Internet Society. Updated regularly, e-OTI discusses the ongoing development of Internet technology and its impact on business, education, and society. Through feature-length articles, commentary, network news, and interactive conversation, e-OTI aims to educate, engage, and inspire Internet Society members as they live, work, and learn in the information age.

Beginning in 2000, OnTheInternet magazine is published twice a year. Most Internet Society member categories are eligible to receive printed editions of OTI. Current and back issues of the printed version are available from the ISOC Store.

Editor and Publisher
Wendy Rickard

Art Director
Michelle D. Speckler

Contributing Editors
Robert Cannon, Esq.
Laurence I. Press
Madanmohan Rao
Mark Stokes
Nicholas R. Trio

Area Content Editors
Developing Nations: Larry Press, lpress@isi.edu
Education: Arana Greenberg, aranag@earthlink.net
Health Care: Marcie Parker, mparker@uhc.com
Public Policy: David Maher, dwmaher@ibm.net

Web Version
Lance Laack

Publishing and Advertising Office

The Rickard Group, Inc.
16 Seminary Avenue
Hopewell, NJ 08525-2017, USA
Tel: +1 609 466 4343
Fax: +1 609 466 8892

Internet Society Publications Advisory Committee

Fred Baker, Cisco Fellow and Chair, Internet Engineering Task Force,

Susan Estrada, President, Aldea Communications, sestrada@aldea.com

Jim LeValley, Cisco Press Program Manager, levalley@cisco.com

Christine Maxwell, President and Publisher, Chiliad, maxwell@chiliad.com

Alan McCluskey, Writer, Connected Magazine, alan@connected.org

Mike Nelson, Program Director for Internet Technology, IBM
Corporation, mrn@us.ibm.com

Madanmohan Rao, Principal Consultant, PlanetAsia, madanr@planetasia.com

Toru Takahashi, Senior Advisor; Tokyo Internet Corp., PSINet Asia
Chairman; Internet Association of Japan (IAJ), toru@tokyonet.ad.jp

Nick Trio, Program Manager, Internet Systems and Operations, IBM
Corporation and Vice President, Publications, the Internet Society,
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