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All articles from e-OTI are available from the archives. Selected articles from previously-issued printed editions are also available. Complete printed back issues are available from the ISOC Store.

November/December 1996

The Internet Society and Developing Countries
By George Sadowsky Plans to introduce networking into developing countries need to address a multitude of issues, many of which are not generally factors in more-developed countries. Find out what the Internet Society is doing to "bring the Internet where no Net has gone before."

The Knowledge Roadblock
By Wendy Rickard Laws about intellectual property could undermine education and research worldwide. Many are still wrestling with connectivity. Will content be available once they're up and running?

September/October 1996

What's in a Name? - New Challenges for DNS By Nicholas Trio The Domain Name System provides the basis for converting names of machines into IP addresses and back again. It has also become a resource allocator, a marketing tool, and a growing source of frustration for trademark holders.

Find You Find Me By Susan Estrada The Internet pioneer and NetPages publisher asks three experts for their views on Internet directory services. Find out what's being done to deliver those services and the broader implications for privacy and security.

January/February 1996

Cuba Networking Update By Larry Press and Carlos Armas
In the face of continued economic crises, Cuba's connectivity infrastructure has not only survived but also grown - and now comprises four major international networks.
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