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Strategic Global Engagement

WSIS and the IGF have focused considerable attention on the issues of Internet governance. However, these forums are not alone in advancing the discussion of Internet governance and related policy issues. Many other orgnizations and forums around the world also deal with these issues. ISOC has long been recognized as a trusted partner of many important organisations, such as OECD, ITU, UNESCO, and others.

To advance these partnerships and ensure that the Internet Society's principles are strongly represented at the highest levels, ISOC has a program of Strategic Global Engagement. Under this program, ISOC will continue to pursue partnership development at the international level and will represent the principles and interests of the international ISOC community.

ISOC contributions to the Council of Europe

ISOC contributions to WSIS and IGF

The Internet Society's inputs to WSIS and IGF are listed on the following pages:

ISOC contributions to OECD

ISOC contributions to ICANN

ISOC contributions to UNESCO

ISOC Contribution to ITU World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) 2008

ISOC's contribution at ITU WTPF 2009

ISOC contributions to ITU Telecom Asia 2008

ISOC contributions to the European Parliamentary community

ISOC contributions to other global forums

Linked below are ISOC's contributions to a variety of other Internet governance discussions.