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Welcome to the European Regional Bureau

Established in Brussels in January 2010, the European Bureau serves as the focal point for ISOC activities in the region. The European region has a lively Internet policy community, active and committed Chapters including Chapters Structures as the European Chapters Council (ECC), and key partners and organizational members. With 23 Chapters region-wide, the European Bureau provides support for our broad network of Regional Chapters. The Bureau will build on these features to create a supportive and collaborative infrastructure for the region.

The Bureau provides targeted outreach to key policy makers in the region to educate them about ISOC's mission and to position ISOC as a technical resource as policy makers address issues that confront the future of the Internet. Through our proximity to local policy, regulatory, and technology issues, we will engage with the European Internet community to implement ISOC's mission and message.

The European Bureau is led by Frédéric Donck who has more than 25 years experience working on Internet and telecom policy issues both in the region and on a global level.

Partners in Europe

The European Regional Bureau works with numerous European and national organizations, institutions, and forums that share its vision and mission, including:

Contributions to European regional issues