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Internet Society Future Internet Technology Activities

The Internet has its roots in a collaborative community of developers and innovators working on technologies for both the core and the edge of the network. Networking researchers and innovators of all kinds continue to analyse and report on the operational realities of the modern Internet, and to propose both incremental refinements and wholesale architectural changes to improve the utility and performance of the network.

The Internet Society is engaged in a variety of activities related to future Internet technology. These activities include better understanding the current and future Internet, supporting technology innovation and evolution, and facilitating the transfer of promising research results from the laboratory to the Internet industry.

Internet Evolution - bringing expert opinion together to consider and comment upon recent data-driven observations about the Internet and how it is changing. By seeking out a diversity of opinions on some key issues for the evolution of the Internet, we aim to broaden understanding of the potential for change.

Internet Development and Evolution Awards (IDEA) - supporting innovators of all kinds to develop new technologies and transition results from laboratory to global industry.