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Briefings Guidelines

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1. Topics

Papers can be submitted on an ISOC-solicited topic or on other topics if approved in principle by the ISOC policy review board. Please contact in advance should you wish to propose a topic. Note: Member Briefings Series exist for:

  • Technical Member Briefings
  • IPv6 Member Briefings
  • Societal Member Briefings

2. Title

Please feel free to suggest a title, which should not exceed 40 characters. May be edited for purposes of consistency within the series.

3. Focus/Content

Suitable papers for publication will be of a fairly specific nature (and technical in orientation for the Technical and IPv6 Series), and will cite relevant developments in the Internet standards community, if applicable. Broad overviews of a particular topic are generally not appropriate for the series.

4. Main Body

Length should be between 800 and 1,000 words. To the extent possible, content should be organized under the following headings:

  • Definition
  • Background
  • Technical Issues (if appropriate)
  • Implications
  • ISOC Position

5. Sidebars

Sidebar content should not exceed 300 words on each page. Sidebar content should be limited to the following categories, and is author modifiable except where noted:

  • Expanded Coverage from ISOC [Fixed information to be supplied by ISOC]
  • Examples in the News
  • Relevant IETF RFCs (if applicable)
  • From OnTheInternet
  • About the Background Paper Series [Fixed information to be supplied by ISOC]
  • For More Information
  • Related Organizations
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements [Fixed information to be supplied by ISOC]

6. Biography/Authorship

All accredited authors should provide a brief (75 words or less) bio along with a photo in 300 dpi TIFF format.

7. Submission format

ASCII is the preferred format for submission. However, if there is special formatting required, please submit in RTF format.

8. Submission Contact

Please transmit all materials by email to

9. Rights

We require original articles (i.e., articles written/created by you that have not previously appeared in electronic or printed form elsewhere). If an article is not original you must indicate where and when it has been previously published so that we may obtain the necessary permission(s) to republish the article.

In submitting your article to ISOC you agree that, unless specifically stated otherwise, the article is original content of which you are the author and which has not been previously published. Furthermore, in submitting your article to be published as an ISOC member briefing, you agree to grant, assign and transfer all right, title and interest in and to the article to ISOC as of the date ISOC first publishes the article. In return, we will place an author profile in a side bar area of the initial publication of the article and we agree to place your byline on all future publications of the article.

Before the article can be published, a copy of these guidelines, signed by the author must be sent to ISOC at the following address:

Internet Society
4, rue des Falaises

Fax:+41 22 807 1444

10. Author Signature(s)