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China Professional Exchange Program

Invitation to ISOC Members from Don Heath

4-16 June 2000
Coordinated by Liya International Professional Exchange Programs

15 February 2000

Dear Member:

The Internet Society has been invited by Mr. He Jian, Executive Director of CICCST, a division of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), to form a delegation to visit China. This program works toward the Internet Society's mission and provides an opportunity for us to begin to understand the issues being faced by our colleagues in China, which is in the early stage of Internet and e-commerce developments.

We would like to invite you to participate in this initiative as a member of this Internet Society delegation. The program will provide an environment for learning, sharing and networking in China, the country that could well represent the largest market for the Internet and e-commerce long-term. Our delegation visit is scheduled for June 3-16, coinciding with my own planned participation as keynote speaker at the China Internet 2000 conference in Beijing (June 6-8), one day of which the delegates will attend.

The Internet Society is working closely with Liya International, the North American advisors for CAST/CICCST, to develop an itinerary that will focus on issues relevant to the participants. Meetings will be scheduled with relevant government authorities, private enterprises and individuals involved in Internet development and growth in China. The itinerary will also include a number of cultural events and site visits. Mr. Tony Yustein, our Vice President for Organizational Membership, has agreed to serve as the delegation leader.

Copies of the documents you will want to review are available at ( The size of the delegation will be limited, so I encourage you to act quickly to reserve your space. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Judy Suhr at Liya International by phone at +1 800.768.8178 or +1 206.689.5610, or via e-mail to

Thank you once again for your interest and participation in the work of the Internet Society. We are confident that this trip will give you new insights into the development and expansion of the global Internet, and associated opportunities.

Yours truly,

Donald M. Heath
President and CEO
The Internet Society