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The Internet Society's .Org Bid 

Letters of Support

Literally hundreds of people -- from 85 countries so far -- have written to ICANN in support of its bid to run the .ORG registry. Click on the links to the left to see more.

If you'd like to sign the letter of support, read the letter and then fill out the form on ISOC's site.

Letters of Support (1-100) | Letters of Support (101-200)
Letters of Support (201-300) | Letters of Support (301-400)
Letters of Support (401-500) | Letters of Support (501--600)
Special Letters of Support

The twenty individuals below kindly wrote letters of support for inclusion in ISOC's formal proposal to ICANN. You can read their letters here.

1. James P. Michalko: Research Libraries Group
2. Graeme Kennelly: Intelsat Global Services Corporation
3. Lajos Balint: HUNGARNET, Budapest
4. Vincent W. S. Chen: ISOC Taiwan Chapter
5. Pierre Dandjinou: Infocom, Benin
6. Latif Ladid: President, IPV6 Forum; Ericsson Telebit A/S
7. Christian de Larrinaga: Internet Society of England
8. Tommi Karttaavi: ISOC Finland
9. Orlin Kouzov: CEO, ICT Development Agency
10. Veni Markovski: Head of the Bulgarian President's Council for Information Technologies
11. Mustafa Nasereddin: Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. International, Jordan
12. Jose Luis Pardo: Ambassador of Spain
13. M. Hakikur Rahman, PhD.: Chair, ISOC Bangladesh
14. Mike Todd: President, Internet Society Los Angeles Chapter; Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Law, Pepperdine University Law School
15. Edmundo Valenti: President, Internet Society of Argentina, Member LACNET, UN ICT Task Force LAC Regional Network
16. Axel Weisner: Equant, France
17. Steven L. Worona: Director, Policy and Networking Programs, EDUCAUSE, Inc.
18. Dr. Terence W. Rogers: CEO, Advanced Network & Services
19. Jim R. Oliver: INSEAD, France
20. Gligor Tashkovich: Founding Member, ISOC; Balkan Money Transfer LLC