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The Internet Society's .Org Bid 


What People are saying About ISOC's Bid to manage .ORG:

David Morriss, The British Computer Society

"Under its Royal Charter, the Society has a remit to consider the most advantageous use of technology for society as a whole and would agree that the .ORG zones intended for the "not for profit" community should be managed in the not for profit community in a way which benefits this community....The Society believes that a successful ISOC bid would be good for .ORG and good for the Internet community for a number of reasons.";3D51AEBB000001D5

Tedson Meyers, International Council for Computer Communication

"I am privileged to report the decision of our Executive Committee to support, without reservation, the Internet Society's bid to manage the .ORG registry.";3D6E7E3B00000213

Dr. Margot Blunden-Willms, International Electronic Publishing Research Center

"ISOC's plans for .ORG will enable it to flourish as a truly global home for non-commercial interests on the Internet.";3D5978ED000001E8

Jim Oliver, INSEAD, France

"ISOC will enable .ORG to be the home -- a badly needed home - for noncommercial interests."

Dr. Lajos Balint, HUNGARNET, Budapest

"Though well established, .ORG remains well short of its true potential and ISOC, as evidenced by the breadth of both its past and current undertakings, can be a credible force in furthering .ORG's value to the non-commercial organizations across the globe."

Steven M. Eidelman, The ARC, USA

"As a user and supporter of the Internet, I believe that a successful Internet Society bid would be good for .ORG and for the Internet as a whole.";3D51956B000001D4

BBC News Online

"This venerable organisation broadly defines how the net's basic technology and infrastructure develops. The Internet Society has beaten off bids from 10 other contenders to win the recommendation."

Pierre Dandjinou, Infocom, Benin

"As a noncommercial entity itself, we believe ISOC will make an effective and trustworthy steward for the domain."

Orlin Kouzov, ICT Development, Republic of Bulgaria

"I am writing to express my support for the Internet Society's bid to manage the .ORG registry. As a long time supporter of the Internet, I have been involved in ISOC's activities since 1993 (graduated successfully ISOC workshops in 1993-Stanford, 1994-Prague and 1999-Montreal) and am currently responsible for supporting ICT projects in Bulgaria."

Washington Post, USA

"The nonprofit Internet Society is another bidder likely to garner attention from the noncommercial community. Founded in 1991 with the broad goal of fostering international cooperation and participation in Internet development, the society has members in 100 countries."

Steven L. Worona, EDUCAUSE, Inc.

"For the Internet to fulfill its potential, key administrative activities must be managed by individuals and groups who understand the history, the technology, and the capabilities of this uniquely powerful international resource. From its earliest days, ISOC has been the repository of just such wisdom, attracting the highest caliber of Internet pioneers to its active membership and to its Board. Long before the Internet was a world-wide presence, ISOC and its members recognized that the Internet would be a powerful force for international economic and social development, and worked to create and promote the stable and open systems we all take for granted today."

Bruce Young, USA

"Of the eleven bidders, this organization is clearly the most likely to commit itself to not only ensuring the effective technical and fiscal administration of this critical tasking, but also ensure that the ORG domain remains a destination on the Web where free speech is respected and upheld.";3D5D219D000001F4

James Michalko, President, Research Libraries Group, USA

"ISOC supports the open mechanisms that are so important in enabling true consensus on key Internet developmental issues."

Mustafa Nasereddin, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. International, Jordan

"...we believe ISOC will make an effective and trustworthy steward for the domain."