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ccTLD workshops

Goals of the ccTLD registry workshop

To provide technical training to ccTLD operators that manage the servers and services for their national registries, so they can maintain stable, secure, and reliable service for their respective Internet communities.

To assist ccTLD operators in coordinating registry policy needs and their technical resources, so they can make their own informed choices about how to implement the policies, operational goals, and management procedures in cooperation with their national Internet community.

To help clarify current policies and procedures for working with IANA and ICANN on ccTLD management issues, and the requirements and procedures for getting IANA to make changes to the IANA ccTLD database.

Attendees and instructors
Attendees and instructors, ccTLD Workshop in Thailand, 2004

To provide a hands-on clinic in a lab environment for ccTLD managers to learn about existing tools and software for registry operations. This includes demonstrations with the toolset developers so participants can determine how to best format their data to register domains for their ccTLD, set up nameservice, exchange secondaries, create whois data, and other functions. Users will benefit from expert advice on how to automate and scale up their current operations, and pointers on how to structure their existing data for use with open source toolsets.

To build working relationships among individual and institutional contacts that manage national registry services, so they can learn from both the workshop staff and each other, and build awareness of the range of resources for additional help. A key outcome from the workshop will be the building of relationships with peers and colleagues in the industry.