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Workshop participants, SANOG 6, Bhutan 2005 Workshop participants, SANOG 6, Bhutan 2005

Regional Network Operator Groups and other operator forums

Since 1993, ISOC has worked cooperatively with other segments of the Internet community to develop and deliver educational programs that support knowledge sharing and capacity-building efforts. In the mid to late 1990s, ISOC held global INET conferences which featured workshops on network technology to promote technology transfer to developing economies in the early stages of internetworking.

As the Internet spread and the number of technologists in developing regions grew, many regional communities wanted to spread the value of this information deeper into their own regions. In addition, many communities also saw the value in having more local regional forums in which matters pertaining to network operations and technology could be discussed among peers and local social as well as technical networks could be formed.

ISOC's partnerships with network operators groups and regional workshop organizers help more than 500 people from around the world every year receive valuable Internet technical training.

It was in this culture of knowledge and experience sharing, which ISOC members have helped foster since the early years of the Internet Society, that many of the regional Network Operator Groups (NOGs) and operational community conferences were born. The NOGs tailor their emphases and overall agendas to meet their specific regional needs, drawing on local and global expertise to enrich the knowledge of operators in their region and grow the next generation of Internet technical leadership. As a natural extension of our mission, ISOC is pleased to partner with many of the NOGs and regional workshop conferences that serve the network operations community in emerging Internet markets.

AfNOG 2004, Dakar, Senegal AfNOG 2004, Dakar, Senegal
Some of the major regional forums and training conferences for operators in the developing world are: