The poster program is an integral part of INET 2000, providing a medium for
presentation of interesting initiatives and ideas and an avenue for intense
discussions by all conference participants. Hard-copy posters will be on
display during open hours of the Exhibition Hall. Posters to be presented are
listed below.

Title Author Country Email
10 years of Telelearning in Europe: From Luxury for a Few to Services for Many Leopold Reif Germany
How the Internet is Helping to Improve Relations Between Governments and Citizens:The Case of Spain Juan Zapardiel Spain
Global Internet as a Regional Change Agent - use of GIS/Internet based Distance Education, Telemedicine, and E-Commerce Timothy Tyndall USA
Plugging Singapore to Internet-2 Grid: The SingAREN GigaPOP Lek Ngoh Singapore
QoS Provision to QoS-unaware Applications on IntServ Networks Stefano Giordano Italy
Stability Analysis of a Window-based Flow Control Mechanismof TCP Connections with Different Propagation Delays Keiichi Takagaki Japan
A Virtual Campus for a 600-year old Italian University Ferdinando D'Isep Italy
Mobile Phone and Internet: A "Pocket" Interface Between Students and the University Intranet Francesco Borazzo Italy
Andean Countries Virtual Environmental University - ViEU Enrique Arrieta-Noguera Colombia
Broadband Wireless Internet over Two-Layer LMDS Petri Mahonen Finland
You've Got Mail that Hates You: On-line Hate Speech Issues on the U.S. Campus Jae-Jin Lee Korea
YouthCaN: A Global Environmental Project Using Technology H. Clements USA
Where in the World is David Moore US
The 8+8 IPv6 Addressing Architecture Manolo Sola Japan
Health Information Network in Taiwan - Now and Future Da_wei Wang Republic of China
Open Source, the Internet and National R&D Organization: Where to? Johan Eksteen South Africa
Pricing Based QoS Control Framework Jie Song Singapore
Content Distribution Masaaki Nabeshima Japan
Devil at the Crossroads: The Blues Diaspora in a Digital Age Gretchen Schoel Japan
Copyright Policy Management and Enforcement System for Digital Contents on the Internet Yoko Murakami Japan
A New IP Connectivity Service developed by NTT Masahiro Goshima Japan
A Brief History of Cyberspace: Evolution of Information Spaces Narushige Shiode Japan
The Improvement and Enhancement the IAA Disaster Communication Systems Yukimitsu Izawa Japan
Let the Children be Fed First: How We are Overcoming the Hurdles in Providing Knowledge Networks for Schools in Uganda Daniel Stern Belgium
A Friendly KOBAN System for Managing a Medium Size LAN Network Masahiro Ishigaki Japan
High-Speed Networks QoS Management: Where to Put the Complexity? Lisandro Granville Brazil
Simple Phone Control Protocol (SPCP) Tsuyoshi Kanai USA