The Internet Society is pleased to have offered this vitally important in-depth day-long African Networking Symposium, that addressed a range of highly pertinent technology and policy issues affecting Internet development in Africa. Papers and discussions between participants assessed the progress made to improve connectivity. Discussions were held about practical solutions regarding the further deployment of Internet applications in Africa.

The focus was on enhancing Africa's Internet infrastructure, content and expertise. Pragmatic, clearly-focused and comprehensive, the Symposium presented cutting-edge information on current and emerging technical and policy issues confronting African educators, technologists and policy-makers.

The theme of the Symposium was "Beyond Basic Connectivity in Africa" and presentations were made on the results of several international connectivity projects and on pressing Internet-related issues facing African nations today.

The African Networking Symposium keynote speech was delivered by the Honorable Cmdr. P. M. G. Griffiths, Dep. Minister of Communication for the Government of Ghana. Symposium papers addressed the status of various African Internet-related activities. The Symposium also included African country/regional reports and distinct panel sessions on:

(You can also view these copies of the presentations at the website of the Ghana Chapter of the Internet Society if that is closer to you.)

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The African Networking Symposium grew out of the activities of a group of African participants at the 1996 Developing Countries Workshop in Montreal, an activity of the Society.

At that time, about 250 participants were trained in depth in networking technology, use and management, in a one week workshop preceding the conference.

African participants convened and decided to share their experiences informally. Interest in the topic was sufficiently high that the Internet Society decided to formalize it as one of the events surrounding the annual conference.

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