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INET/IGC 2004 "Strengthening the Net: Building an Open and Trusted Internet"

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  1. A Meeting Scheduling System for Global Events on the Internet
    • AHMED Ashir, Tohoku University, JAPAN
    • Glenn MANSFIELD, Tohoku University, JAPAN
    • Norio SHIRATORI, Tohoku University, JAPAN
  2. NYU Home: Combining Internet Tools into Personal Digital Agents
    • David ACKERMAN, New York University, USA
    • Drew HAHN, New York University, USA
    • Randy WRIGHT, New York University, USA
  3. Building Online Communities for High-Profile Internet Sites
    • Lee M. LEVITT, News Internet Services, USA
    • Laird POPKIN, News Internet Services, USA
    • David HATCH, News Internet Services, USA

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