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INET'98 Proceedings

5. Globalization and Regional Implications

The Regional Geography of Internet Deployment

  1. Free Access to Regional Internets: Principal Economic and Technical Issues
    • Marc LOBELLE, Université Catholique de Louvain, BELGIUM
    • Xavier BOGAERT, Centre de Diffusion des Technologies de l'Information, BELGIUM
    • Paul DEFOURNY, Charline Productions S.A., BELGIUM
  2. Technological Change, Telecommunications Deregulation, Telecommunications Economics, and Internet Globalization
    • Jean-Pierre AUFFRET, American University, USA
    • Jeffrey H. MATSUURA, NetGlobe Transit, Inc., USA
  3. The Role of Internet Services in Regionalization
    • David RYLANDER, Göteborg University, SWEDEN
  4. Internet Deployment Worldwide: The New Superhighway Follows the Old Wires, Rails, and Roads
    • Eric ARNUM, Telecommunications Reports International Inc., USA
    • Sergio CONTI, European Commission Directorate General XIII, BELGIUM

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