INET'99 Proceedings

INET'99 Posters

The Poster Session Program is an integral part of INET'99, providing a medium for presentation of interesting initiatives and ideas and a venue for intense discussions by all conference participants. Hard-copy posters will be on display during open hours of the INET'99 Exhibition Hall: 23 and 24 June, 10:30-18:00; and 25 June, 08:30-13:00.

National and Regional Issues

  1. The Rural Poor of Developing Countries: Exploring the World with School Internet Programs
  2. An Interactive Infrastructure for Facilitating Learner Participation Within a Web-Enabled Courseware Delivery Environment
  3. In the Service of Diversity: Internet Publishing for Papua New Guinea
  4. Regulations, Funding, and the Turkish Internet
  5. "La Brujula," a Compass to Chile on the Internet: Developing Local Search Engines


  1. Telemedicine: A Case Study Between Sri Lanka and Singapore
  2. Disabilities: Enabling Consultations Online
  3. Legal and Technical Frameworks for Electronic Patient Records and Networked Health Information
  4. Patients' Responses to Emerging Telemedicine Systems in Taiwan


  1. Bridging the Chasm Between School Teacher and Internet Specialist
  2. Distance Assessment System for Accreditation of Competencies and Skills Acquired Through In-Company Placements (DASP)
  3. TimeScope: An Educational 3D Multi-User Role-Playing Environment
  4. Are You Happy with Online Classes? A Survey/Interview of Adults Who Took Technology-Related Online Courses in Singapore and Silicon Valley in 1998-99
  5. From East to West: A First Look at the Receptiveness of the Internet

Content Development

  1. Enabling Better Land Use in East Africa Using Web Technology
  2. Empowering 400 K-12 and High School Pupils as Collaborative Internet Producers
  3. UK Law Online: The Legal System on the Internet
  4. Evaluating Trends in Online Auctioning

Social Applications

  1. Correction Policies of Online Publications: Setting the Record Straight in the Bazaar of Ideas
  2. A Web Search Engine for Indexing, Searching, and Publishing Arabic Bibliographic Databases
  3. Surveying the Global Diffusion of the Internet
  4. International Conflict Resolution on the Internet: Lessons Learned from Selected Peacemaking Projects
  5. User Training: A Crucial but Ignored Issue in Remote Cooperative Work
  6. Measuring Languages in the Internet by Counting Word Occurrences with Search Engines
  7. Latin American Social Movements on the Internet: An Innovative Experience
  8. GIS-Enhanced TCP/IP Networks Monitor System
  9. Quebec at a Time of Generalized Access to the Internet
  10. Construction of Okayama Information Highway
  11. ISP Basics: Insights into Traffic Statistics on the Internet Subscriber Line
  12. The Internet and the First Amendment: Current Issues in U.S. Government Efforts to Control Online Content


  1. Security and Authentication in Internet Mail
  2. Network Monitoring
  3. Optimal Video Distribution Using Anycasting Service
  4. Reliable IP Multicast
  5. Building Successful Global Extranets
  6. Network Monitoring with OC3mon for Globalwide Network
  7. The ADVICE (AuDio VIdeo Conferencing Environment): An Open Integrated Videoconferencing Architecture
  8. A Multilingual (Chinese, English) Indexing, Retrieval, Searching Search Engine
  9. Low-Level Security Concerns for a Campuswide University Network
  10. Normos: An Internet Engineering Standards Repository
  11. MirNET: Linking Russian and American Science Using Next-Generation Networking Technologies
  12. Digitizing International Conference for Reaching Out to More Communities in the World: Our Challenges on UNFCCC's COP3 and COP4
  13. Business-Class IP Services
  14. When Cache Comes in Handy: A Look at Network Caching and Bandwidth
  15. Distributed Net Caching: Beyond the Bandwidth Blues
  16. Mobile Computing Support for High-Speed Nodes
  17. The Extensively Instrumented Apache and Linux
  18. Prefetching Brand-New Documents for Improving Web Performance
  19. An ADSL/ATM-Based Multimedia-on-Demand Trial: Architecture, Application, and Impacts of Large Multicast Traffic
  20. Dynamic Steiner Tree with Partial Reconstruction


  1. How Smart Is the IC Card? The Proposed National Smart Card Plan, BOO Strategy, Electronic Commerce, and the Emerging Danger to Online Privacy in Asia
  2. Factors for Success: Effective Online Customer Service Training Programs

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