Bridging the Chasm
Between School Teacher and
Internet Specialist


Interactive Cooperative Collaborative Communicative Instructive

The implementation of the Advanced Joint English Teaching (AJET) in Taiwan is aimed to bridge the chasm between school teacher and internet specialist. The AJET computer persons and English teachers work hand in hand, side by side, to create an ideal English learning environment in cyber space.

AJET is also an international Internet K12 project conducted by APNG-Education WG.
The AJET working team also collaborates with global partners to enhance communication in technology and education. 


---AJET  demonstrates the ability to produce practical, versatile and cost effective flexible learning materials.

---AJET develops systems which assist teachers prepare their own flexible learning materials.

---AJET employs asynchronous e-mailing
and discussion, as well as synchronous
chat and video conferencing as teaching methods.

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