Distributed Net Caching: Beyond The Bandwidth Blues

Abdelsolom HEDDAYA <aheddaya@infolibria.com>
InfoLibria, Inc.


Video conferencing, IP telephony, multimedia: they’re the hottest applications, but they burn bandwidth. With 80 percent hogged by Web traffic, finding enough means adding or tightly allocating bandwidth. Distributed network caching solves this dilemma. Instead of adding or prioritizing usage, network caching servers react instantaneously to demand, redistributing content closer to users. This decreases backbone/ server loading, making room for time-sensitive traffic. Dr. Heddaya details how this helps everything from IP telephony and multimedia quality to tomorrow’s applications.

1) Objective - attendees will understand the significance of proper bandwidth management, current common obstacles and resulting problems; 2) Objective - attendees will understand the various types of solutions and particularly the benefits of distributed net caching, including management techniques and detailed solutions.