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Internet Code of Conduct

From the early days, the Internet pioneers recognised that many Internet functions required trust and that, in effect, the Internet was a public "commons", relying on the good conduct of those who used it to operate to its maximum technical and social potential. The demographics of Internet use today are very different and many of the trust relationships are now being formalised with technical and administrative processes. Nevertheless the statements in these early "code of conduct" documents remain a very good guide for responsible Internet operators and users and a useful historical reference for technical operations.

Internet RFCs

RFC 1087: Ethics and the Internet
Network Working Group, Internet Activities Board, January 1989
IAB policy statement concerning the proper use of the resources of the Internet.
RFC 1244: Site Security Handbook
Network Working Group, July 1991
This handbook is a combined effort of the Security Area and User Services Area of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It is a guide to setting computer security policies and procedures for sites that have systems on the Internet; it lists issues and factors for site operators to consider when setting their own policies.
RFC 2050: Internet Registry IP Allocation Guidelines
The document describes the rationale for the regional distribution of IP addresses and also sets out the address management principles which have guided the policies for IP address resource usage.
RFC 1591: Domain Name System Structure and Delegation
This memo provides some information on the structure of the names in the Domain Name System (DNS), specifically the top-level domain names; and on the early procedures for the administration of domains.
Truth and the Internet
A statement about the value of truth on the Internet, by Vint Cerf.