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Funding for Chapters to attend regional events


Active and vibrant Chapters are an important strategic asset to ISOC. This programme is intended to provide funding for Chapter leaders to participate in events relevant for the Chapter and its activities. It is a competitive programme and the funding is limited.

While Chapters are expected to establish their own source of funding as outlined in the Policies and Procedures for Establishing New Chapters, they often lack the financial resources to travel outside of their area or country. Providing travel funding for Chapters to go to regional events gives Chapter leaders opportunities for learning, social networking and to raise the Chapter's profile within their region. It helps to increase their influence and to promote ISOC in the wider regional community.

The ISOC Chapter Travel Fellowship Programme supports the goals of the ISOC Chapter Development programme and more broadly, ISOC goals as follows:

  • Directly supports educational and policy skills transfer in areas where it is needed through contact with subject matter experts;
  • Provides opportunity for developing new or strengthening existing relationships and partnerships in the Internet community;
  • Motivates Chapter delegates and in so doing revitalises energy within the Chapter;
  • Provides opportunity for ISOC Chapters to engage in ISOC activities;
  • Enables ISOC staff to meet Chapter delegates, learn about challenges and identify paths forward;
  • Acts as a catalyst in stimulating Chapters to identify opportunities for Chapter programmes at the local level.


The ISOC Chapter Travel Fellowship Programme is available to all ISOC Chapters on a competitive basis. However, to support those that are least able, priority will be given to Chapter delegates coming from countries classified as emerging and developing by the International Monetary Fund. As funding is limited, priority will also be given to attending events that directly support ISOC's activities, such as for example INETs.

The following are pre-requisites for the programme:

  • The applicant should be officially endorsed by the Chapter (through the references in the application form);
  • The completed Application Form should be validated by the Chapter chair person (or any other official executive committee member if the applicant is the chairperson himself/herself) within the application period;
  • The applicant must have not received funding under this ISOC Chapter Travel Fellowship Programme in the same year;
  • The Chapter must have fulfilled all the requirements of its bylaws and duly informed ISOC;
  • The Chapter must be able to describe and document activities undertaken by the Chapter in the last year;
  • The applicant must agree to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Fellowship Award

The Programme funding covers a return economy class airfare to the meeting destination including airport transfers, meeting and visa fees as well as accommodation and meals for the duration of the stay. Recipients of Travel funding are expected to make their own flight bookings. This can be done ONLY when a travel fellowship MoU has been signed and approval has been given by the appropriate ISOC staff personnel. Until that time no expenses should be incurred by the grantee. Failure to do will mean that your flight may not be reimbursed. ISOC will take care of hotel bookings. Reimbursement will be made within one week of submitting receipts and the Feedback Form and the Fellowship Expense Report. (see linked documents below).

The ISOC Chapter support staff and ISOC Regional Bureaus will jointly determine which regional events will be funded in any one year and the amount of funding available for disbursement. Events chosen must clearly support ISOC goals, its principles and priorities as well as provide tangible benefit to Chapters and their members.


Chapter members wishing to apply for the Travel funding are required to agree to the following:

  1. Complete the Application Form;
  2. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the ISOC Chapter Travel Fellowship Programme (which will be sent to you);
  3. Submit post event feedback and report forms. This includes the following:

ISOC staff in association with other regional representatives will assess the applications. Successful candidates will be informed and will be required to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the ISOC Chapter Travel Fellowship Programme. Unsuccessful candidates will also be notified.

In order to promote and support the work of the Internet Society, all grantees are required to provide ISOC with information about their experiences as recipients of this funding so that it can disseminated for the benefit of others, e.g. through the ISOC newsletter. This information helps others understand the benefits of the programme and at the same time helps ISOC to improve the programme as experience is gained.

The Feedback Form and the Expense Report have to be submitted within two weeks of attending the event. The Impact Report has to be sent to ISOC within 2 months of attending the event.