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INET 2004: Strengthening the Net: Building an Open and Trusted Internet

INET 04 - 10-14 May, Barcelona Spain

FIRA BARCELONA, May 10-14, 2004, Barcelona, Spain

Plenary Sessions

The following Plenary Sessions will bring together panels of well-respected experts and specialists during INET/IGC 2004:

  • Using the Internet to promote democratization

    Panelists will address how they have used the Internet to foster and promote human rights, development issues and ultimately democratization movements in their own countries.
  • Guessing the Future

    Panelists will bring forward their views - and visions - regarding the Internet and how it will affect us as a global society, our cultures, languages, education and way of life in the next 5 to 15 years.
  • New Technologies for New Markets

    Panelists will bring forth examples of how new technologies are creating successful new business models that are narrowing the digital divide and making the Internet and new technologies a universal tool to be enjoyed by many, from facilitating Internet access to third world countries to using the Internet and other technologies to tear down barriers of illiteracy and disabilities.
  • Gamechanging Technologies

    New technologies are advancing at such a rate that society can not keep up with its impacts. During this session, Panelists will discuss key technology issues (gamechanging or next generation technologies) such as RFID tags, IPv6, Grid, FTTH, etc. that are having societal, political and even technological implications.
  • Securing the Net: Building an Open and Trusted Internet

    The unprecedented growth and success of the Internet has turned it into a valuable tool for international communication and information dissemination. This development has unavoidably also caused a lot of aspects to surface that are threatening the usability of the Net as a truly global communications infrastructure (e.g. spam, viruses, cybercrime etc). In this plenary, technology visionaries who have been involved with Internet technical evolution for a long time will discuss the possibility of a building a trusted, yet open, Internet.

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