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INET 2004: Strengthening the Net: Building an Open and Trusted Internet

INET 04 - 10-14 May, Barcelona Spain

FIRA BARCELONA, May 10-14, 2004, Barcelona, Spain


INET conferences have always been known for the high quality of their sessions and presenters and this year is no exception. Some of the most respected members of the Internet community, including pioneers whose work helped lay the foundation for today's Internet will be speaking at INET/IGC 2004.

Confirmed speakers include:

Vint Cerf, senior vice-president of Internet architecture and technology at MCI

Vint Cerf is considered one of the most celebrated technical architects of the last century. In 1973, while working at DARPA with Bob Kahn, Cerf developed TCP/IP, the computer networking protocol which set the transmission standard for data communications on the Internet and earned him the title "Father of the Internet."

Bob Kahn, Chairman, CEO and President of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Bob Kahn was responsible for the system design of the Arpanet, the first packet-switched network. While working as the Director of DARPA's Information Processing Techniques Office (IPTO) he initiated the United States government's billion dollar Strategic Computing Program, the largest computer research and development program ever undertaken by the federal government. Dr. Kahn conceived the idea of open-architecture networking and is a co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocols. Dr. Kahn also coined the term National Information Infrastructure (NII) in the mid 1980s which later became more widely known as the Information Super Highway.

Fred Baker, Cisco Systems, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Internet Society

Fred Baker has worked in the telecommunications industry since 1978. At Cisco Systems, in addition to product development, as a Cisco Fellow, he advises senior management of industry directions and appropriate corporate strategies.

His principal standards contributions have been to the IETF, but he has contributed to ITU's H.323, and to such industry consortia as WINSOCK II and the ATM Forum. He is also a former Chairman of the IETF. In the IETF, he has contributed to Network Management, Routing, PPP and Frame Relay, the Integrated and Differentiated Services architectures, and the RSVP signaling protocol.

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