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Using a Statewide Network of Interactive Health Kiosks to Increase Preventive Health Activities

University of Michigan


Computer-based, interactive communications technologies are rapidly evolving into new media forms that will commonly be used in health care, worksite, and home settings. The next ten years hold the promise of a communications revolution unparalleled since the invention of moveable type. Interactive television, the Information Superhighway, tailored print materials and other proposed means of providing two-way, interactive communication between mass media senders and receivers offer a distribution system with unlimited potential to target and personalize health information. Are we ready to take advantage of these technological advances? The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the potential of interactive health communication technologies for health promotion/disease prevention.

This presentation will examine the impact on a newly-developed, interactive health kiosk network. The University of Michigan's Health Media Research Laboratory has developed software and placed one hundred interactive, touchscreen health kiosks in shopping malls, supermarkets, medical centers, libraries, community centers and other public settings; the kiosks are designed to convey a range of topics, including smoking cessation and prevention, breast and prostate cancer screening, bicycle helmet safety, immunizations, cardiovascular disease prevention, alcohol problem detection and sexually transmitted disease prevention (among other risk factor areas). The kiosk is designed to look like a television, allowing users to select and interact with risk factor "channels." Each kiosk is linked via the Internet to a central data collection system at the University of Michigan's Health Media Research Laboratory, allowing collection of use, satisfaction, and sociodemographic data. These data and future directions for interactive health communication technology will be discussed.


Victor J. Strecher, PhD, MPH
Professor and Director
Health Media Research Laboratory
University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center
300 North Ingalls, Wing 5D
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

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