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INET'98 Proceedings

8. Health

Targeting Special Populations with Health Care Information

  1. Community Organizing on the Net: The Case of the Philippine e-Health Initiative
    • Merlita M. OPEÑA, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, PHILIPPINES
  2. Internet Facilities for the Disabled Community in Singapore
    • LIM Kin Chew, Temasek Polytechnic, SINGAPORE
    • LIM Fung, National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE
    • Derek Beng-Kee KIONG, National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE
  3. Use of the Internet in the Diffusion of GIS for General Practices in Victoria, Australia
    • Francisco J. ESCOBAR, University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    • Ian P. WILLIAMSON, University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    • Julie GREEN, University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    • Elizabeth WATERS, University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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Health Informatics for Consumers and Patients: Innovations to Extend and Enhance Health Care (Panel)