Disabilities: Enabling Consultations Online

Regina CHIN <regina@coolsite.net>
National University of Singapore


Just imagine this scenario: The lady struggles across the room - each step feels like shock-waves reverberating throughout her body. She has not been sleeping for the past three days, and she suffers from chronic fatigue, irritable bowel system, headaches, sensations of swelling and depression. She lost her job a few years ago and now she is confined to a wheelchair due to the unbearable muscular pains.

This lady, along with many others out there with physical handicaps, finds difficulty in going to the hospital for regular check-ups. Without close supervision and monitoring, these ailments can never be alleviated.

Here is where Tele-consultation comes into the picture.

This poster presentation will illustrate the set-up needed for home video-conferencing as well as the equipment and infrastructure needed by hospitals so that they can make diagnosis swiftly to any patients in any part of the world, without causing much inconvenience and discomfort to patients.

In addition, we see (by drawing examples from various case studies) how Tele-consultation allows a multitude of physicians to consult with one another from different locations at the same time, leading to more accurate diagnosis. New healthcare services and medical breakthroughs can also be shared globally through this medium.