When Cache Comes In Handy – A Look at Network Caching and Bandwidth

Abdelsolom HEDDAYA <aheddaya@infolibria.com>
InfoLibria, Inc.


Traffic clogs the Internet with HTTP packets comprising two-thirds of all activity. Organizations add bandwidth but can’t meet demand. Dr. Heddaya looks at distributed network caching and why it is being considered an affordable and reliable solution. By moving information closer to user demand and eliminating repeated delivery, speed is increased, network operators reduce bandwidth and bottlenecks, content providers curtail server loads and all enjoy the capacity necessary to handle the killer apps of tomorrow!

1) Objective - attendees will fully understand why traffic is clogging the Internet, as well as the existing adverse affects and limitations this poses; 2) Objective - attendees will learn about the various types of solutions posed and why networking caching holds a great deal of promise. Attendees will also understand the differences in the variety of network caching solutions.