INET'99 Proceedings

Welcome to INET'99 from the Internet Society!

Welcome to San Jose and the 9th Annual Conference of the Internet Society, INET'99. It is fitting that the subtitle for INET'99 is "The Internet Global Summit." The finest minds, from multiple disciplines, attend this conference and are its contributors, speakers, and presenters. It is here, at the summit, that new challenges and ideas are introduced, debated, discussed, refined, and begin their possible entry into the continually emerging Internet. Old friends and associates renew their relationships; new ones are created as more people, from around the world, become captured by this "imagination stimulator," the Internet; as a result, the culture that has made this phenomenon what it is, continues unabated.

In addition to welcoming you, I want to thank you -- for your participation as attendees, and as contributors to our excellent program. ISOC has a tradition of presenting the premier Internet conference each year. We are able to do so because of you. Thank you most sincerely.

Our conference and program committees have worked especially hard this year, overcoming the usual difficulties and some unusual ones as well. Their perseverance and tenacity has been well served and we are grateful for their dedication. This year marked the first year that ISOC used, as its local organizing committee, itself. It will undoubtedly be the last time we will do that. But thanks to the efforts of a Silicon Valley Executive, Craig Jelinek, who dedicated the better part of four months to ensuring the conference would come out perfectly, we can say that we are happy to be presenting this conference in the Valley.

ISOC has the finest sponsors, period. Our sponsors are committed to the Internet and they unselfishly give time, talent, equipment, and money to the production of INET, to ensure its success. We are deeply grateful for their generosity. Please accept our gratitude and do know that we truly could not do this without you. Thank you!

To all of you: This is your conference. Enjoy and participate. Thank you.

Donald M. Heath
Internet Society

Welcome from the Vice President for Conferences

Welcome to INET '99, the meeting place of the Internet Community. I have always thought that I would continue attending INET even if there were no conferences, just to meet the people I have been exchanging e-mails with all year long.

But the the INET '99 Program Committee has just spoiled my fun by producing a magnificent program that reflects in detail the developments that the Internet has undergone in the last year. I have no excuse to stay out of the conference rooms if I want to follow what is happening on the Net!

I hope that you will enjoy INET '99 as much as I am planning to.

Don't forget to note the next meeting in your agenda. INET 2000 will take place in Yokohama, Japan, in July 2000 (this is your chance to find out if your electronic agenda has a Y2K problem).

Javier Solá
Vice President for Conferences
Internet Society

Welcome from the Program Chair

On behalf of the Program Committee, it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to INET'99 -- this year's version of the most important event devoted to the amazing phenomenom that we call the Internet.

INET is an event unique in its kind since it is one of the very few places where engineers, businessmen, administrators, educators, politicians, and academics from around the world come together to discuss the rapid development of the new society that is being constructed using the tremendous possibilities that Internet technology has brought to all of us.

From the latest technical developments to the sharpest analysis of the social implications of communities, from the new forms of commerce to the political implications of new forms of direct democracy, from the implications on globalization to new forms of marketing and distribution, in summary from all points of view, INET gives you a unique oportunity to learn from the best minds from all around the world, discuss new business oportunities, exchange views in an extremely open environment, and certainly make new friends and associates.

Welcome to the Global Summit of the Internet.

Florencio I. Utreras
Program Chair

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