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NDSS Symposium 2001

NDSS 2001 8-9 February 2001 Sand Diego, California, USA

Network and Distributed System Security Symposium
Catamaran Resort Hotel
San Diego, California

7 February 2001 - Technical Tutorials
8-9 February 2001 - Symposium

Program Chairs' Message

As the true new millennium begins, and the world becomes increasingly networked, the need for network security is at an all time high. This past year saw highly publicized events, such as the massive distributed denial of service attacks, the break of the SDMI algorithm, and an unprecedented proliferation of e-mail viruses and worms. As the dangers of network insecurity begin to appear on the radar screens of the mainstream public, our jobs as security professionals become more important. This can be seen by not only the increased activity at security-related conferences, but also by the unprecedented attention security is getting in business and by the highest levels of government.

This year we received 66 submissions, a 30% increase over last year. The program committee met in Florham Park, NJ in August, 2000. After a full day of careful deliberation, 16 papers were chosen for publication in the proceedings and presentation at the conference. The 24% acceptance rate shows that this conference is becoming increasingly competitive, and the result is a high quality program. This year, we have decided to replace the panel sessions with two invited speakers that promise to be informative, enlightening, and entertaining. The speakers are Steven Bellovin and Alfred Menezes.

We are grateful to the program committee for their hard work, setting aside time from other tasks to contribute their knowledge of the industry and to act as technical gate-keepers, shaping the conference.

We also thank Steve Welke, Carla Rosenfeld, Torryn Brazell, Terry Weigler, Mahesh Tripunitara, David Balenson, and the entire steering committee for their help with the conference. Most of all, we would like to thank all of the authors who submitted papers. Without your efforts, there would be no conference.

It has been a sincere pleasure to serve as program chairs for this conference. NDSS remains at the top of the list of high quality research conferences, devoted specifically to network security. In fact, it is one of a kind. We look forward to many continuing years of success in years to come.

Avi Rubin
AT&T Labs - Research
Paul Van Oorschot
Entrust Technologies