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NDSS Symposium 2003

NDSS 2003

The 10th Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium
Catamaran Resort Hotel
San Diego, California
6-7 February 2003-Symposium
5 February 2003-Pre-Conference Tutorials
Patron Sponsor: National Security Agency

Why You Should Attend

Internet use continues to expand into all aspects of our working and leisure-time environments. Commercial and private-sector organizations of every size face unrelenting, competitive pressures to make their services available "on-line." This is driving the need to deploy increasingly rapid, widespread, and SECURE network and distributed systems derived from new/innovative concepts, techniques, and devices that exploit leading-edge technologies.

San Diego Beach

The vulnerabilities of the Internet continue to accelerate dramatically each year. Some attacks have received a high level of visibility from the press. Those not so well publicized (or kept from the press) are rumored to have been even more destructive and costly. Post 9/11 events have underscored still further the vulnerabilities of the Internet and the compelling need to engage continuously in the process of mitigating its growing and changing security problems. New information technologies result in new challenges for information-security technologies. Recent trends in software distribution (such as mobile code based on Java, ActiveX, and .Net technologies) and wireless LANs and WANs have resulted in new forms of Internet attacks as well as easier ways to carry out Internet attacks. The issue of security and privacy has become paramount for the Internet in a post 9/11 world.

At NDSS'03, you will have an opportunity to actively participate in the global dialogue on network and distributed system security: ask questions of the speakers (during and after sessions); raise issues that are important to you during (and after) panel sessions; and let other participants know of your requirements, observations, and experience in this vitally important area. All this against a backdrop that aggressively encourages the wide-scale deployment of security technologies and promotes new research that can address currently unmet security needs of the Internet community.