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NDSS 2008 - The Network and Security Conference

NDSS Symposium 2008

The Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, San Diego, CA
8 - 11 February

16th Annual Network & Distributed System Security Symposium


Session 1: Large Scale Systems

A New Privacy-Enhanced Matchmaking Protocol
Paper (PDF: 587KB)
Author: J. Shin, V. Gligor

Corrupted DNS Resolution Paths: The Rise of a Malicious Resolution Authority
Paper (PDF: 825KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 1MB)
Author: D. Dagon, N. Provos,; C. Lee, W. Lee

A Tune-up for Tor: Improving Security and Performance in the Tor Network
Paper (PDF: 250KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 765KB)
Author: R. Snader, N. Borisov

Session 2: Collaborative Systems

Halo: High Assurance Locate for Distributed Hash Tables
Paper (PDF: 740KB)
Author: A. Kapadia, N. Triandopoulos

Robust Receipt-Free Election System with Ballot Secrecy and Verifiability
Paper (PDF: 600KB)
Author: S.S.M. Chow, J. Liu, D. Wong

Realizing Massive-Scale Conditional Access Systems Through Attribute-Based Cryptosystems
Paper (PDF: 677KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 1,4MB)
Author: P. Traynor, K. Butler, W. Enck, P. McDaniel

Session 3: Privacy

Analyzing Privacy in Enterprise Packet Trace Anonymization
Paper (PDF: 637KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 217KB)
Author: B. Ribeiro, W. Chen, ;G. Miklau, D. Towsley

Taming the Devil: Techniques for Evaluating Anonymized Network Data
Paper (PDF: 343KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 410KB)
Author: S. Coull, C. Wright, A. Keromytis, F. Monrose, ;M. Reiter

Usable PIR
Paper (PDF: 200KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 904KB)
Author: P. Williams, R. Sion

Session 4: Software Hardening

Automated Whitebox Fuzz Testing
Paper (PDF: 674KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 372KB)
Author: P. Godefroid, M. Levin, D. Molnar

Would Diversity Really Increase the Robustness of the Routing Infrastructure Against Software Defects?
Paper (PDF: 234KB)
Author: J. Caballero, T. Kampouris, D. Song, J. Wang

PRECIP: Towards Practical and Retrofittable Confidential Information Protection
Paper (PDF: 476KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 1,2MB)
Author: X. Wang, Z. Li, N. Li, J.Y. Choi

Session 5: Reverse Engineering

Automatic Network Protocol Analysis
Paper (PDF: 300KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 253KB)
Author: G. Wondracek, P. Milani, C. Kruegel, E. Kirda

Automatic Protocol Format Reverse Engineering through Context-Aware Monitored Execution
Paper (PDF: 1MB)
Author: Z. Lin, X. Jiang,; D. Xu, X. Zhang

HookFinder: Identifying and Understanding Malware Hooking Behaviors
Paper (PDF: 216KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 128KB)
Author: H. Yin, Z. Liang, D. Song

Session 6: Intrusion Prevention

Measuring and Detecting Fast-Flux Service Networks
Paper (PDF: 650KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 1,6MB)
Author: T. Holz, C. Gorecki, K. Rieck, F. Freiling

BotSniffer: Detecting Botnet Command and Control Channels in Network Traffic
Paper (PDF: 340KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 514KB)
Author: G. Gu, J. Zhang, W. Lee

Limits of Learning-based Signature Generation with Adversaries
Paper (PDF: 660KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 424KB)
Author: S. Venkataraman, A. Blum, D. Song

Session 7: Malware

Impeding Malware Analysis Using Conditional Code Obfuscation
Paper (PDF: 1,6 MB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 676KB)
M. Sharif, A. Lanzi, J. Giffin, W. Lee

Analysis-Resistant Malware (PDF: 232KB)
Paper (PDF: 232KB)
Author: J. Bethencourt, D. Song, B. Waters

Exploiting Opportunistic Scheduling in Cellular Data Networks
Paper (PDF: 250KB)
Presentation slide (PDF: 183KB)
Author: R. Racic, D. Ma , H. Chen, X. Liu