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IPv6 Deployment Day RSVP

22 April 2010
The Internet Society
Presents a workshop on deploying IPv6
April 22, 2010, Seattle Washington

Thank you for your interest in attending the event. The Internet Society is hosting an open meeting with the goal of facilitating deployment through developing topical information from the folks who are implementing IPv6 in their networks today for folks who are in the process of doing so. This is a working meeting where we hope to make progress towards the following outcomes:

  • develop a base set of guidelines of “Do”s and “Don’t”s for IPv6 deployment
  • concrete documentation of operational practices around the world
  • open discussion of these practices
  • give the less experienced opportunities for direct discussions with those who have more experience

The Deployment Day is different from other activities. The purpose of the activity is not to develop the catch-all handbook for IPv6 deployment but instead to take the next layer off the onion, so to speak, and to capture just some of the (best) operational practices of IPv6 deployment.

Draft Agenda

09:00-10:30Welcome message, IPv6 how we got to where we are today
11:00-12:30IPv6 Patterns for success

Panel discussion of operators who have deployed IPv6 and the business factors involved in successful deployments.

14:00-15:30IPv6 Deployment Practices

Experiences of deploying IPv6, paths to follow and pitfalls to avoid.

16:30-18:00IPv6 Deployment Issues affecting the Internet as a whole

Discussion of specific technical issues shared among operators today and methods to resolve them. Topics will include whitelisting and DNS modifications for better operation in the presence of IPv6.

To confirm attendance for the event

This event is an open event but we have limited space. Please complete the following form to confirm your participation. Due to the limitation of space, we would appreciate your response by April 6, 2010

NOTE: There is no registration fee to attend the event. Lunch is included for participants. Participants are, however, responsible for their own accommodation and travel expenses. The Internet Society has arranged a limited group of rooms available at a group rate until April 2, 2010 by using the following link:

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