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OECD releases Declaration on the Future of the Internet Economy

18 June 2008 (updated 22 June 2008) - The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development today released the OECD Seoul Declaration on the Future of the Internet Economy.

The Seoul Declaration came at the close of the OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy, held in Seoul, Korea, on 17 -18 June 2008. According to the OECD press release: "Participants agreed on the need for governments to work closely with business, civil society and technical experts on policies that promote competition, empower and protect consumers, and expand Internet access and use worldwide."

The Ministerial event was preceded on 16 June by three stakeholder forums on civil society, business, and technical issues. ISOC coordinated the technical stakeholder forum, in which 17 technical organisations participated.

In the press conference at the conclusion of the Ministerial meeting, ISOC President and CEO, Lynn St. Amour explained that the 17 organisations that participated in the technical forum are diverse, but are all "motivated by a common vision of an open, accessible and global Internet, and collaborate to create the standards, provide operational oversight and to build or nurture an environment that will facilitate the Internet's development."

Ms St. Amour also thanked the OECD for calling for the technical forum, and welcomed the "recognition in the Seoul Declaration that, moving forward, discussions about the Internet should fully engage stakeholders from across the civil society, business, and technical organizations."

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