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Internet Society International Special Interest Groups (iSIGs)

What is an iSIG?

International Special Interest Groups, or iSIGs, are Internet forums, hosted by the Internet Society, to allow for the exchange of ideas among ISOC members from around the world in areas in which they have interest or experience. In order to involve ISOC members who have similar interests but are separated by continents and oceans, the Internet Society (ISOC) wishes to facilitate the growth of International Special Interest Groups on a global basis.

ISOC is today and intends to remain a leader in many Internet related fields. ISOC wants to foster the use and growth of the Internet with regard to a broad range of disciplines. That is the role International Special Interest Groups can fill.

A Special Interest Group affiliated with the Internet Society can expect to attract forward thinking people from around the globe, the people who are industry leaders with Internet savvy. The ISIG organizer will ensure that ISOC is informed of topics to post that will drive discussions. These discussions should put the industry on the cutting edge of Internet technology.

Current iSIGs:

InterPlanetary iSIG Women and the Internet iSIG Access to the Internet for Persons with Disabilities iSIG

Coming Soon

Access to the Internet for Persons with Disabilities iSIG Tocqueville Democracy on the Internet iSIG

Forming an iSIG

Do you have an idea for a Special Interest Group devoted to a particular topic? If so, the process for developing a formalized iSIG is probably easier than you might think. Complete information and application materials are available in the iSIG Formation Guidelines section.

iSIG Proposals

Members have proposed formation of a wide range of iSIGs. A complete list of topics and contacts is available from the iSIG Proposals page.