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Internet Society International Special Interest Groups (iSIGs)

Forming an iSIG

In order to involve ISOC members who have similar interests but are separated by continents and oceans, the Internet Society (ISOC) wishes to facilitate the growth of International Special Interest Groups on a global basis.

ISOC is today and intends to remain a leader in many Internet related fields. ISOC wants to foster the use and growth of the Internet with regard to a broad range of disciplines. That is the role International Special Interest Groups can fill. ISOC intends to offer your ISIG the capability to utilize a topic based discussion list and an ISOC hosted web page. Discussion lists will be facilitated and moderated for you by the ISOC Secretariat. ISOC server capacity will be provided to your group with it's own password protected web site that will reflect the most current news, issues pertaining to your field of interest.

A Special Interest Group affiliated with the Internet Society can expect to attract forward thinking people from around the globe, the people who are industry leaders with Internet savvy. The ISIG organizer will ensure that ISOC is informed of topics to post that will drive discussions. These discussions should put the industry on the cutting edge of Internet technology. It is suggested that you go to a specialist from your field, perhaps engage a publication/journalist who would *host* the web site for a month. Content will be needed for the web pages provided to you by ISOC. Keep content fresh, updated on a biweekly basis at a minimum. Content should generate lively discussion in your field.

You, as organizer, are free to define the parameters of the ISIG. The one item required by ISOC is that your members become members of the Internet Society and that you have at least 10 members in your ISIG in order to receive ISOC recognition. Once you have established your membership base, it is asked that the organizer complete a set of Bylaws that will be the backbone of your group. These are required in order to facilitate the governance of your ISIG in the simplest of terms. A suggested template for the bylaws can be found here.

After completing these bylaws, please contact Terry Weigler of the ISOC Secretariat by email at for more information.

If you wish to organize an iSIG but lack the requisite 10 members, please contact Ms. Weigler at the email above to discuss possibilities for promoting your iSIG idea.