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Business Rules in Membership System (BRIMs)

Summary of Purpose

This document provides a framework for business rules to define how ISOC members (individual and organization), chapters and staff interact within the ISOC membership system. We developed these business rules with the input of chapters and members, through discussions that provided valuable insights about the business rules and practices. Those insights go beyond implications for the membership system and touch on the broader question of ISOC’s membership policy. We have started a review of ISOC membership policies and procedures and will incorporate into that review information collected during our discussions with chapters and members regarding these business rules. The next step is to engage with the ISOC community to explore options for developing a membership system that meets the needs of all segments of the ISOC community and is consistent with these business rules. We recognize that current chapter by-laws may not be consistent with these rules, so chapters will be allowed time to implement the business rules in their by-laws.

Business Rules

1. Membership Eligibility

1.1. Members of an ISOC Chapter shall also be members of ISOC Global.

Rationale: ISOC draws energy and support from its community, which includes more than 26,000 members and 85 chapters around the world. Chapters are groups of ISOC members, which form in local areas or around specific shared interests. ISOC Chapters share the mission and promote the goals of ISOC in all parts of the world. ISOC Chapters are an integral and vital part of ISOC.

This is existing policy captured in: Policy on the Establishment and Conduct of Chapters of the Internet Society.

ISOC chapter members who are not ISOC Global members at the time these rules are approved shall be given sufficient time in order to become ISOC Global members.

(NOTE: it is recognized that some chapters may need to modify their chapter by-laws to clarify that that ISOC Global membership is a condition of ISOC Chapter membership)

1.2. Individuals requesting to join an ISOC chapter shall provide affirmative consent that they understand that being an ISOC chapter member also requires being an ISOC Global member.

Rationale: This is consistent with rule 1.1 (all chapter members shall also be ISOC Global members) and will address instances where chapter by-laws are not explicit that chapter members also shall be ISOC Global members.

1.3. An individual may be a member of ISOC Global and choose not to be a member of an ISOC Chapter.

Rationale: Chapter membership is not required for Global membership, either by the choice of an individual who is not interested in joining an ISOC Chapter, or in the case of individuals who are located in a geographical region without an active ISOC Chapter.

1.4. ISOC Chapters may choose to charge individuals for Chapter membership and make that a condition of Chapter eligibility, but are not required to do so.

Rationale: This is an existing policy contained in: Policy on the Establishment and Conduct of Chapters of the Internet Society.

1.5. ISOC Chapters may choose to review the application of an individual requesting chapter membership prior to that application being accepted.

Rationale: Chapters may have membership requirements that differ from ISOC Global membership. (See for example, 1.3 above).

1.6. Chapters may choose to have corporate members and charge them dues associated with the organization’s participation in Chapter activities.

Rationale: Existing policy contained in: Policy on the Establishment and Conduct of Chapters of the Internet Society.

2. Membership Renewal and Dues

2.2. An individual’s renewal date for ISOC Chapter membership and ISOC Global membership shall be the same.

Rationale:Aligning renewal dates for ISOC Chapter and ISOC Global memberships will simplify membership system operations and will make renewal easier for the individual

(NOTE: the suggestion is NOT that all ISOC chapters have the same renewal dates; rather, that renewal dates for an individual’s ISOC Chapter and Global memberships should be the same.

2.2. Individuals shall re-affirm periodically their ISOC Global and Chapter memberships

Rationale: This serves several purposes: (1) it is a way to make sure that an individual continues to be interested in being an ISOC Global/Chapter member and, (2) to make sure that information on those members is current. This rule shall apply consistently to both ISOC Global and Chapter membership.

2.3. If an individual chooses to renew Chapter membership, it will be assumed that the member also is reaffirming ISOC Global membership.

Rationale: Because ISOC Chapter members also are ISOC Global members (1.1), renewing Chapter membership implies Global membership

2.4. Individuals may choose to reaffirm Global membership and not reaffirm their Chapter membership.

Rationale: Chapter membership is optional, so a Global member may choose to opt-out of Chapter membership.

2.5. Collection of Chapter dues is the responsibility of the individual Chapters.

Rationale: For ISOC Chapters that charge dues, all revenue collected from an individual will remain with the Chapter. It is logical for the Chapter and for the individual to bill and collect dues directly. It also is simpler for the individual and Chapter because all dues can be paid and managed in local currencies.

3. Data Collection and Management

3.1. ISOC Global shall ensure the accuracy of information relating to ISOC Global members.

Rationale: Since all individual members are ISOC Global members, whether or not they participate in a Chapter, ISOC Global has an interest in ensuring the accuracy of individual member information. [NOTE: this statement is meant to apply whether or not the ISOC Global membership system is central or distributed, thought the means by which ISOC would ensure the accuracy of the information could differ based on the approach taken]

3.2. To be an ISOC Global member, an individual shall be asked to share personal information, including (where applicable) first name, last name, a unique email address, city, state/province and country.

Rationale: In addition to name and email, collecting information on location of the individual member will improve ISOC Global’s effectiveness in contacting members with region specific information in support of its expanding regional operations and activities.

NOTE: The need to address privacy laws within certain countries may limit data that can be collected and/or the ability to send that data outside of that country without the explicit consent of the individual. This is an area that requires further exploration.

3.3. Every reasonable effort should be made to accommodate local languages and characters for data collection display, while ensuring that the data also can be managed by ISOC Global using a common language/character set.

Rationale: ISOC Global respects the right of individual members and chapters to collect personal information using local languages and characters. At the same time, ISOC Global also needs to manage its membership system across all countries and regions and therefore requires a means to ensure consistency and uniformity of data across all members.

3.4. ISOC Global shall provide authorized ISOC Chapter representatives with a simple interface or mechanism for obtaining information on their chapter members and for updating their members’ information in the ISOC Global membership system.

Rationale: Providing a simple interface or mechanism for accessing and updating information will improve Chapter access to their members’ information, as well as improve chapter operations and efficiency by allowing ISOC Chapters to spend less time on data management and more time serving their members. Also, Chapters are the best source of authoritative information on their individual members.

3.5. Individual members should have the ability to update their personal data through the ISOC Global membership system.

Rationale: There will be instances where ISOC Global members will not be a member of an ISOC Chapter, either by their choosing or by the fact that there is no ISOC Chapter in the country or city where they are located. Therefore, ISOC Global members should have the ability to update their own personal information.