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World Telecommunications Policy Forum

As a Sector Member of the ITU, ISOC participates in the consensus-building process of many ITU activities. At the 2006 Plenipotentiary Conference, the ITU decided to hold a World Telecommunications Policy Forum in 2009. The agenda included a range of topics related to the Internet, so ISOC played an active part in the development of the WTPF as a member of the ITU's "Informal Expert Group" and sent a delegation to the event in Lisbon, Portugal in April 2009. Follow the links below for ISOC's full range of community consultations in advance of the Forum and the formal submissions we made to inform discussions.


ISOC extends its warm thanks to Alaa Al-Din Al-Radhi for his review of the Arabic translations of our ITU WTPF documents.

ISOC's participation in the WTPF Informal Expert Group