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EGENI 2007 Conference – Internet and Politics

22 Mar 2007

“Internet” and “Politics”, how should these two terms be articulated? Do national policies still make sense in times of global networks? Is the development of the Internet not generating a new way of tailoring multi-stakeholder policies and resolving international conflicts?

These questions, addressed in the context of a specific country, France, have been at the essence of the EGENI 2007 conference.

The morning session was a dialogue between policy makers representing the main national parties (right wing, left wing, communist and ecologist parties) and representatives of the Internet community (ICANN, ISOC France, AFNIC). In the afternoon, the debate was deepened and enlarged to internet governance issues and the role of international organizations (UNESCO, IGF). The last panel was dedicated to the crucial issue of Africa and the Internet Governance debate.

Once again, this event was co-organised by “Sociétés de l’information”, a French language publication providing analysis of current Internet issues to a francophone readership. With the support of the Internet Society, Sociétés de l’information is available by free subscription.

Subscribe on line to download and read Sociétés de l’information’s full summary of the event.

La Place de l’Afrique dans la Gouvernance de l’Internet (PDF: 78KB)
Presentation by Constance Bommelaer, ISOC